PERFORMANCES - July 30 through August 9 (Thursdays through Sundays) Snow OFF-White?!  Well, this Snow White still has a good heart, but she’s an ungraceful, rough-around-the-edges tomboy.  Still, she wants to please her father, the king, when he returns with Vilenity, his bride-to-be.  Unknown to Snow, her future stepmother is a witch with designs on the kingdom.  When the Magic Mirror reveals to the witch that Snow will inherit the kingdom, Vilenity sends her henchmen to do Snow in.  Of course, Snow escapes, seeking refuge at a cottage with seven...  fairy godmothers!  They’re all trapped there by an earlier spell that Vilenity cast on them, and now Snow is stuck in the cottage with them.  The bumbling godmothers manage to spring Snow by switching her with Sleeping Beauty.  Of course, by the end, the two fairy tales combine to defeat Vilenity so all can live happily-ever-after.  Contemporary, upbeat music by Bill Francoeur adds the winning touch to this delightful musical, fun for all age.


Director: Lissa Supler Slay
Music Director: Sarah Hall

Choreographer:  Rachel Thornton 


   Actor    Role    Actor    Role
Angelina Bjorklund Olaf Grant Richardson King Vance
Alana Campos Elsa Danielle Riedel Narcia
Sophia DeMarzo Snow White Caitlyn Roum Clergy
Kelsey Eng Scounder Brooklyn Soto Mirror
Kat Fletcher Hanna Tallie Thayer Mother Iko
Hayley Frame Destiny Kai Thysell Gregor
Arietta Goshtasby Periwinkle Roselani Thysell Whisper
Lauren Kensel Bjorn Genevieve Urban Malicity
Jordan Lloyd Awol Alexandra Valainis Vilenity
Christoph Mahler Prince Philip Gabriella Valainis Dirk
Jacqueline McNeill Princess Rosamond Rebecca Yee Temperance



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