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Dividing the Estate

Performances run from March 28 through April 27





"Dividing the Estate focuses on the Gordon's of Texas, ruled by matriarch Stella.  Plunging real estate values have a negative impact on the family fortune.  Stella's children engage in a debate about whether or not they should divide the estate while their mother is still alive in order to ensure themselves financial independence.  New York Daily News said the play 'goes for laughs and succeeds, and at the same time comments on more sweeping notions of avarice, entitlement and carpetbagging karma' ..."  The prolific and award winning Horton Foote remains a distinctively expressive voice in American drama.


  Actor's Name Role   Actor's Name Role
  Nancy Larner Stella Gordon   Chiara Issa Pauline
  Sharyn Case Lucille   Aili Jiaravanont Cathleen
  Della Lisi-Kerr Mary Jo   Natalie Swinford Sissie
  Adam (Sean Sellers) Son   Whitney Ellis Emily
  Gwen Wooldridge Mildred   Larry Creagan Bob
  J.L.T. Williams (Tally) Doug   Jaspre Dixon Irene
  Sean Singer Lewis Gordon      


Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Book by George Furth

Audition Dates Monday, April 7th at 7:00 pm Performance Dates May 30th - June 29th
  Tuesday, April 8th at 7:00 pm   Thursday – Saturday Evenings @ 8:00 pm
      Sunday Matinees @ 2:00 pm
      Saturday Matinee, June 28th @ 2:00 pm

SYNOPSIS:  The plot revolves around Bobby (a single man unable to commit fully to a steady relationship, let alone marriage), the five married couples who are his best friends, and his three girlfriends. Unlike most book musicals, which follow a clearly delineated plot, Company is a concept musical composed of short vignettes, presented in no particular chronological order, linked by a celebration for Bobby's 35th birthday.   When Company opened in New York, theatre critic Martin Gottfried wrote "Company is quite simply in a league by itself. It is a tremendous piece of work, thrilling and chilling, glittering bright, really funny (and not so funny), exceedingly adult, gorgeous to look at and filled with brilliant music. The show is magnificent."

Character Descriptions

ROBERT – A keen observer who appears happy but holds pain in his heart. Terrified of marriage and fears a lifelong loneliness.  (Male, 35)

SARAH – Harry’s hyper-critical wife.  She is an avid learner of karate and tends to overeat.  Open, accepting, and full of love.  (Female, 30 – 40)

HARRY – Sarah’s husband.  A recovering alcoholic continually falling off the wagon. (Male, 35 – 45)

SUSAN – A delicate southern belle.  Peter’s wife and ex-wife.  Motherly in her affections towards Robert.  (Female, 30 – 40)

PETER – Susan’s husband.  The perfect husband and ex-husband.  He is very liberal in his view of relationships.  (Male, 30 – 40)

JENNY – Quietly manipulative, simultaneously square and wise.  Loves her husband, David, and will indulge him.  (Female, 30 – 40)

DAVID – Relaxed and always in control.  Believes in marriage and the sacrifice of freedom is worth what you get in return. (Male, 35 – 45)

AMY – A frantic neurotic engaged to Paul but terrified of marriage.  (Female, 25 – 35)

PAUL – Amy’s fiancé.  Patient to her neurotic nature.  Fully committed to the idea of marriage.  (Male, 30 – 40)

JOANNE – Acerbic, demanding, and blunt.  Puts on a brassy front that melts when she is alone with her husband.  (Female, 40 – 50)

LARRY – Joanne’s husband.  Indulges his wife’s behavior but knows when to put his foot down.  (Male, 45 – 55)

APRIL – A girlfriend of Robert’s.  She is a flight attendant who came to New York to live in Radio City.  Ditzy and adorable.  (Female, 20 – 30)

KATHY – An old girlfriend of Robert’s.  She plans to leave the City for a life of domesticity.  Sweet and loving.  (Female, 20 – 30)

MARTA – A girlfriend of Robert’s.  Intensely modern, who is seeking adventure and excitement in the City.  (Female, 20 – 30)

Please Note:  All roles are open.  There has been no pre-casting.  You will be asked to sing at the auditions.   An accompanist will be provided.  
For any questions, please e-mail Michael at Directorone@gmail.com.




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