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PERFORMANCES - May 29, 2015 through June 28, 2015

Based on the famous Al Capp comic strip, Li’l Abner is a spoof on both “hillbillies” and national politics, a musical and a funny paper sensation wildly popular in the 1950s. Memorable characters include Daisy Mae, considered an old maid at seventeen years, Abner’s pipe smoking parents Mammy and Pappy Yokum, the alluring Apassionata von Climax, Senator Fogbound and the always lovable Jubilation T. Cornpone, mayor of the town. Enjoy the Sadie Hawkins Day Race, the delightful music, the high spirits and high jinx of this crazy musical.


Daisy Mae is bent on capturing L'il Abner for herself on the next Sadie Hawkins Day when the women make the running. However, things are not quite as simple as that. Daisy Mae has a rival for Abner's affections, Appassionata von Climax. She has engaged a professional aide to help her win the race. It is Evil Eye Fleagle who produces his own distraction for the men, Stupefyin' Jones. But, a cloud hangs over Dogpatch. The US Government want to use the town where they all live as a site for atomic bomb experiments. Dogpatch was chosen as nothing important or historical ever took place there. The men-folk are taken away from the town for scientific experiments to make them handsome but they become completely uninterested in the opposite sex. Eventually, the men are restored to their former selves, ugly but potent. Marryin' Sam meanwhile has unearthed some salient facts about the founder of the town, the sensible but cowardly Jubilation T. Cornpone, with a catalogue of his civil war disasters. This historical reference means the town can be saved and even though the Sadie Hawkins Day race doesn't turn out quite as planned (Earthquake McGoon catches Daisy and Appassionata von Climax gets Abner) by the end of the show Abner and Daisy Mae are married to each other, the ceremony being performed, of course, by Marryin Sam.




Chris Yeschenko  

Li'l Abner

Jennifer Bales


Kip Hogan

Mammy Yokum

Gordon Buckley

Pappy Yokum

Tom Short

Marryin' Sam

Danielle Riedel

Dogpatch citizen Scarlet/Secretary Scarlet/Singing Doctor

Mark Bowen

Dr. Finsdale/Abner's Friend Franky

Gil Morales

General Bullmoose

Tracey Dorame

Appassionata Von Climax/Wife Vivy/Singing Secretary/Singing Doctor

Tara Waldschmit

Appassionata Von Climax/Wife Vivy/Singing Secretary/Singing Doctor

Rex Marshall Roi

Earthquake McGoon

Jon Dorame

Available Jones/Dogpatcher J.J./Police Man/Singing Doctor

Marty Miller

Available Jones/Dogpatcher J.J./Police Man/Singing Doctor

Tyler Marshal

Romeo Tommy Scragg/The Hunk Husband/Phogbound the Government Man

Gwen Wooldridge

Mayor of Dogpatch/Dr. Smithborn

Pam Shurilla

Dogpatch Wife Libby/Softwick the Government Woman

Rachel Harkavy

Dogpatch Wife Moonbeam/Singing Dr.

Anna-Karin Bjorklund

Stupifyin' Jones/ Wife Stacey/Singing Dr/Secretary Creighton

Vanessa Evans

Abner's Friend Willow/Evil Eye Flegle/Singing Doctor

Tatum Harkavy

Dogpatch citizen Ruby/Dr. K/Secretary Ruby


Director / Choreographer: Dimyana Pelev
Music Director: 
David DiIorio 



AUDITIONS - June 15 and 17

PERFORMANCES - July 30 through August 9 (Thursdays through Sundays)




Snow OFF-White?!  Well, this Snow White still has a good heart, but she’s an ungraceful, rough-around-the-edges tomboy.  Still, she wants to please her father, the king, when he returns with Vilenity, his bride-to-be.  Unknown to Snow, her future stepmother is a witch with designs on the kingdom.  When the Magic Mirror reveals to the witch that Snow will inherit the kingdom, Vilenity sends her henchmen to do Snow in.  Of course, Snow escapes, seeking refuge at a cottage with seven...  fairy godmothers!  They’re all trapped there by an earlier spell that Vilenity cast on them, and now Snow is stuck in the cottage with them.  The bumbling godmothers manage to spring Snow by switching her with Sleeping Beauty.  Of course, by the end, the two fairy tales combine to defeat Vilenity so all can live happily-ever-after.  Contemporary, upbeat music by Bill Francoeur adds the winning touch to this delightful musical, fun for all age.


Director: Lissa Supler Slay
Music Director: Sarah Hall

Choreographer:  TBA 


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